Theology of Giving

A Theology of Giving

Regular monthly donations is the recommended method of giving. This tends to provide structure which facilitates the discipline of giving, as well as helping us budget realistically for our future. If you feel called to give to Park regularly, we ask that you’d do so in this way. (Automatic giving through your bank is the preferred method of giving since it avoids fees, but setting up recurring gifts via our online giving platform is also fantastic.) Obviously, non-regular donations are also appreciated!

Since 2006, our vision has been that we would become a community that was entirely financially supported by the people who are involved in our weekly meetings. When individuals, young and old and in between, make a conscious and disciplined decision to set aside a portion of the money they earn, to be given for the common work of this community, we will be able to accomplish the good things that God has for us. One of the beautiful things about Park is that it is a work of all those involved, not of a few professional ministers. Our hope is that this character would be mirrored in Park’s financial foundations: not carried by a few, but by everyone who is involved in the community’s common life. This will include some who give $10,000 a month and some who give $10 a month. This year we would like to see everyone who is involved in Park participate in giving to our common tasks.

Beneath this vision for our community’s financial life is the conviction that all that we possess actually belongs to God, and the only way to escape being possessed by our things is to give freely. No one should feel obliged to give, but any who do should expect to experience a measure of freedom from our culture’s rampant greed. When our community develops the discipline of sharing it’s resources, through broad participation in regular financial giving, we will both demonstrate our rejection of materialism as well as enable our work together as a community called by God to his good purposes.

If you have any questions, e-mail the Admin Team at or call at 732-530-7737.