Giving F.A.Q.

Each year, Park Church passes a budget for that year.  All giving goes to the uses specified in that budget (barring exceptional circumstances). At one of our Congregational Meetings each year, a high-level budget is presented – where you have an opportunity to ask questions in person.  A more detailed budget is available to those who request it. With the exception of special fund raising efforts (i.e., capital campaigns), all donated dollars go to our general fund which is used to support the overall mission of the church. Contact the Admin Team with questions/requests.

It really depends on you.  For Park’s purposes, regular and predictable giving is the most beneficial.  This makes it simpler to prepare budgets, plan accordingly, etc. Specifically, automatic giving via your bank is the best method because it involves no surcharge fees (see below).  For your purposes, it’s up to you.  Some people prefer the online giving platform because it allows you to track your giving history, it’s easily managed online via the Pushpay site.  Other people prefer the automatic giving via your bank because it avoids credit card processing fees.  Other people prefer to use their credit card for giving because they get points. It’s up to you.

No, not for you. But there are charges for the church. The church pays a percentage fee per transaction for credit and debit cards. Bank account donation (ACH) via the online giving platform costs the church less, allowing your gift to have the greatest impact. Automatic giving via your bank has no costs, however it is more labor intensive on the administrator (a kind of hidden cost).  With either gift though, the dollar amount that you give will be recognized as your donation.

You bet.  At the end of the calendar year, you’ll receive one for tax purposes, etc.  So if you give via cash, make sure to put it in an envelope with your contact info on it if you want the deduction come tax season!

If you have questions, contact our Admin Team. They have direct oversight of giving, expenses, budgeting, saving, etc.