Going anywhere for the first time can be an intimidating experience, especially when that ‘anywhere’ is a new church.

Hopefully, this page will answer some questions you might have.

The worship service is about 65 minutes long. If you get there late, don’t sweat it. Just come right in and find a seat. It is a casual environment as far as attire and such. You can wear whatever you’d like to wear. The worship service is designed so that everyone should feel included, welcomed, and able to follow the service. Even people who think of themselves as far from faith or un-knowledgable of Christianity should be able to follow the service and its content. This is never perfectly accomplished, but it is a commitment of Park Church to do its best in this regard.


Teaching:  We devote time together to hear the Word of God being taught. In opening the scriptures we are invited to reimagine our lives in light of the story of God and the way of Jesus.

Singing: Participating in musical worship as a congregation is an opportunity to join with God’s people, throughout history and scattered across the world today, in declaring what is true about God and what is true about us as His people. We sing an array of songs, both old and present-day worship songs.

Prayer: Each week, we create space for prayer ministry. We have an anchored moment of prayer in our service, and time afterward if you would like to receive prayer.

Communion: We participate in the sacred act of eating and drinking in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. It is an invitation to remember the love of God expressed for us in the person of Jesus: Jesus who lived without sin, died for our sins on the cross, and rose again in victory over death. Instructions will be given every Sunday


New to Park Kids?
We are so glad to meet you! Please visit the Check-in desk to register your children and pick up a welcome goodie bag. There will be someone there to direct you to the right classroom and answer any questions you may have. There are welcome brochures at the welcome desk and park kids policy booklets for you to take as well.

For the safety of our children, we have a computer check-in system at Park Kids. It is located right outside the entrance to the Park Kids’ common area. Before taking your child to class, please stop by the Park Kids Check-in Desk each week to pick up your child’s label and parent pick-up slip. Tell the check-in person your last name and the ages/grades of your children. Younger children receive 2 labels, one for the teacher and one for their back as a nametag. You will bring the labels and your child to class and give the labels to the teacher. You hold on to your matching parent label to be used at pick-up.

All children are to be picked up after the service is over. Don’t forget your parent label for your children to be picked up!

At the Sunday Worship Service:

The nursery is for children 6-24 months.  However, during our 9:30 service, parents are welcome to accompany their children in the nursery and watch the live stream (or sit in the back hallway with a noisy baby!). For nursery care, please be sure to first visit the Park Kids check-in area to check in your child(ren) and receive instructions.  Please bring a clearly labeled bag with any diapers, food, supplies, etc. that are necessary.

2 Years Old and Up:
5 separate classes run for ages 2 years through 5th grade at our 9:30 service.

9:30 Service:
– Beginners: ages 2 and 3

– Pre-school: ages 4 and 5
– Lower Elementary: K-1st Grades
– Middle Elementary: 2nd-3rd Grades
– Upper Elementary: 4th – 6th Grades

These classes are led by servant leaders and parents from our community. Anyone working with our children have completed a child protection policy, and lead teachers and caregivers complete fingerprinting.