This is Jesus’ invitation to every one of us.

But what exactly is he inviting us to?

Be With, Become Like, & Do As Jesus

At Park Church, we believe Jesus is the hope of the world. And we’re convinced that the best way for others to encounter and be drawn to him is by seeing his life embodied within the community of his followers: the church. If that’s true, then the question that matters is: What does it mean to follow Jesus? When Jesus invited people to follow him, what exactly was he inviting them to?
In short, we believe that when Jesus invites us to follow him – he’s inviting us to be with him, to become like him, and to do as he did. As we learn to be with him in all of life, we become like him – so that we can do what he did. As his followers, these are the three goals that we are to orient our lives around. It is simple, and yet powerful. It is easy to understand, but it is the challenge of a lifetime. We invite you to learn to follow Jesus with us.