Community Groups – Follow Up Week 1

Community Groups – Follow Up Week 1

We are in the middle of our first week of Community Groups!

If you were able to make it out in the snow and ice, you had an opportunity to hear a bit about what we are doing this season.

This week, we talked about our relationship with the Bible, what our favorite parts are, and what challenges we have.

In the Long Branch group, we talked through some resources that we use to help us as we’re reading the Bible. Some of those were: a good concordance, a reading plan, study Bibles, commentaries, and podcasts/videos (like the Bible Project).

As we go through this series, we’ll share specific resources that we have found helpful for us for particular parts or books of the Bible.

We’ll also be sharing here on the website some additional details or thoughts, as well as links to the take home work! This week’s take home work is pretty straight forward questions for you to think about your experience with the Bible more and what questions you have about it.

The discussion and take home work will follow the Sunday sermon and give you an opportunity to put into practice what we’ve been talking about.

Here are links to this week’s discussion guide and take home work:


This coming Sunday, Andy will be giving an overview of the series “The Big Picture: A Walk Through the Bible”.

Here is what you can look forward to in this series:

  1. 1/21: The Big Picture Introduction
  2. 1/28: The Gospels
  3. 2/4: The Epistles (Letters)
  4. 2/11: Old Testament History
  5. 2/18: Old Testament Poetry & Prophecy
  6. 2/25: Revelation
  7.  3/3: The Big Picture Summary

If you have any questions as we’re going through this series, send an email to