Announcing our new Music Team Lead!

As you may know, Park Church has been blessed with a long, rich history of music – a history that’s been animated by gifted musicians, a unique sound, and a heart for the God who is worthy of our praises.

When it comes to music at Park, COVID has taught us two things.

First, we are beyond grateful for the handful of gifted musicians (like Pete, John, and Sydney to name a few) who have worked together to provide faithful musical leadership on Sunday mornings throughout the pandemic. They, and all others who helped, have been a gift.

Second, if music at Park is going to grow and flourish, we need a Music Team Lead. Someone not simply to lead musically on Sunday mornings, but someone to organize, coordinate, and lead a growing band of musicians.

It’s with this in mind that, and as we said last Sunday,

we are excited to introduce our new Music Team Lead: Marcos Martí!

Like many, Marcos and his wife connected with Park early in the pandemic. A few things to know about Marcos:

  1. He loves music and has meaningful experience leading worship in a church context.
  2. He loves Jesus and is passionate about sharing that love with is neighbors.
  3. As Matt said on Sunday, he’s simply a pleasure! You should get to know him.

We are very excited to have Marcos in this role and invite you to join us in welcoming him. While new leadership always means change, we envision a future that keeps and celebrates the best of our rich musical heritage while cultivating space for a new sound to grow as well.

If you have any musical gifts and are interested in learning more about serving with the Music Team, please contact Marcos (