What is Tech-Wise?

“Tech-wise is the sum of a lot of little choices…Tech-wise living is more about the things we do in place of technology…It’s hard to be tech-wise, because it’s hard to be wise.”
—Amy Crouch, Author of My Tech-Wise Life

Tech-Wise Events


Friday March 10th


Technology has shaped our everyday lives — in some ways for good, in some ways for bad, and in some ways for ugly. We want to talk about it — and not just in a “Put down your phone!” kind of way, but in a “How can we embrace the good and have wisdom in the precarious?” kind of way.

Join us with our special guest Amy Crouch, author of My Tech-Wise Life, as we start the conversation of navigating this digital world together with wisdom.

Childcare will be available through 5th grade and children/youth in 6th grade and up are encouraged to attend.


Friday April 28th


Join us for a discussion about how to navigate our tech-filled world with wisdom featuring professionals in technology, education, & mental health, & a representative of Gen Z, too! See more below about our panelists.

Childcare will be available through 5th grade and children/youth in 6th grade and up are encouraged to attend. Please register using the button below. Registration is totally free! So is the childcare! We especially encourage registration for those utilizing childcare so we can have your child’s nametag prepared for them and we can ensure proper childcare volunteer coverage.

Our Panelists

Nicole Foubister, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry & Child Psychiatry

Bringing the perspective of a mental health professional 

Nicole is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry NYU Langone School of Medicine. Dr Foubister began her medical training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics before transitioning to Adult Psychiatry. She completed a Child Psychiatry Fellowship at Yale Child Study Center and a Forensic Psychiatry fellowship at NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Foubister previously served as the director of the Young Adult Unit at NYU Hospital and has worked with the NYC Juvenile Justice System. She currently has a private practice in Manhattan where she treats children and adults for a variety of disorders. Dr. Foubister is also an undergraduate professor at New York University where she teaches Children and the Media, a course which focuses on how the media affects children and child development. She is the author of multiple academic publications and most recently wrote a book entitled The Mindfulness Guide for ADHD. Most notably she is a mother of three amazing children.

Todd Curtis

Middle School Principal & Former High School Teacher

Bringing the perspective of an educator & school administrator 

Todd has been an educator for 25 years. He was a high school social studies teacher in Brick and Howell and was named the 2018 Monmouth County Teacher of the Year. Todd served for 4 years as an assistant principal in Manalapan. This is his first year as a principal at Bayshore Middle School. He is also the father of three daughters, the oldest of whom is in middle school.  In his days before children, Todd Curtis was a very involved leader in the high school youth group at First Baptist Church of Red Bank, even taking over co-leading the ministry in a time when there was a youth director vacancy. Todd has served in a variety of roles at Park Church, including as a former Elder.

Matthew Littlehale

Software Engineer & Manager

Bringing the perspective of a professional in technology

For the past nearly 20 years, Matt has worked at the intersection of software development and marketing, helping marketing teams achieve their goals through technology. His work has taken him between freelance, brand agencies, publishing, and tech startups. Currently, he leads a team of software engineers responsible for the acquisition and onboarding of nurses looking for travel nursing jobs at Nomad Health. Matt and his wife Shannon have also been a part of Park Church since the early years and met serving together in the high school youth ministry. They have two wonderful daughters. During his time at Park Church, Matt currently serves as Community Group Coordinator and has also formerly served as an Elder.

Sandi Andrews

Middle School Teacher

Bringing the perspective of a tech-wise parent & educator  

Sandi is the mother of two (now grown) children, Sammy and Tacy, ages 23 and 21, respectively. Sandi and her family took many intentional steps to guide her children as they were in the first generation of kids having smartphones. She and her husband, Pete, shared a bit of their experience in their Tech-Wise Wednesday Post How We Raised Our First-Generation Phone Kids. Sandi has been a middle school Spanish teacher for 22 years. She teaches at Thorne Middle School in Middletown. She’s been a part of Park Church since its early years when it was known as Outreach Red Bank (ORB) and has served in various roles, including as a member of our current Elder Team.

Sammy Andrews

College Student

Bringing the perspective of Gen Z

Sammy Andrews is the son of Sandi and Pete Andrews. He was raised in the Park Church community, growing up as the young church itself grew up. Sammy is a 5th year student at Drexel University studying Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Aerospace.  Only a few years removed from his teen years, Sammy offers the insight of someone who is both a Gen Z “digital native” as well as someone who was raised in a tech-wise home. He’s navigated the challenge of being a college kid on his own (and through a pandemic, nonetheless) and applying his tech-wise principles to his independent adult life. When not away at college, Sammy serves as a leader in the youth group and in our musical worship team.


Brian Croak

Licensed Professional Counselor, MDiv

Brian served in campus ministry before becoming ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA) where he served as a pastor for 2 decades; in recent years he transitioned to a counseling profession and established Healing Branch Counseling which seeks to integrate clinical skills with a biblical worldview; he serves adult and adolescent populations, especially those challenged by depression and anxiety. Brian also serves as coordinator of ParkCares counseling, a free counseling service of Park Church.

Events FAQ

Q: Do I have to register? Can I just show up?
A: You can absolutely just show up and invite people last minute. If you are seeking childcare, we especially suggest you register so we ensure we have childcare for your age group. It helps us with planning for the event to have as many people register as possible and we appreciate you taking the two minutes it takes to do it.

Q: The event specifies that childcare is available through fifth grade? What if I want my child to be in the event and they are younger than fifth grade?
A: Great question! That is up to parents’ discretion. The event will mention pornography. When we say it will mention pornography, we mean just that — the word pornography will be used but no explicit words or images will be used. If you would like to be prepared to discuss that topic with your child, there are many resources out there to use. One resource we recommend is Good Pictures, Bad Pictures: Porn Proofing Today’s Young Kids. Another great way to prepare yourself is to listen to this podcast interview with the author of the book from the organization Bird & Bees. You might be concerned that middle school is too young to broach this topic — and we respect all parents’ decisions to address topics on their timeline — but we also want you to know that some of your middle school child’s peers may already have been exposed to pornography. According to a new survey from Common Sense Media, a nonprofit child advocacy organization, 54 percent of teens report having first seen online pornography before age 13, while 12 is the average age when children first consume the content — some have even seen it by age 10 or younger. We share this information not to scare you, but to inform and empower you, as that is so much of what Tech-Wise is about — trying to come alongside one another and navigate this tech-soaked world together.

Q: What if I have a young child who is nervous about going into the childcare? 
A: We, at Park Church, a church with many young families, understand that all too well! We have a great area in the back behind the wall of glass where you will still be able to see and we will pipe the audio to where you can have your child and bring whatever quiet toys to help them settle. In the spirit of the event, we’d recommend something that isn’t a screen. 😉

Tech-Wise Wednesday Posts

This is a space where we want to curate suggestions and stories about becoming tech-wise. Members of our Park community will share how they try to practice being tech-wise in their everyday life and ways that they’ve seen technology impact them and others.

Tech-Wise Resources

Tech-Wise for Adults:
12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You
by Tony Reinke
Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World
by Cal Newport
Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business
by Neil Postman
My Tech-Wise Life: Growing Up & Making Choices in a World of Devices
by Amy Crouch

The Social Dilemma

How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day
(Tristan Harris TED Talk)

Other Resources
Download a Free “Scripture Before Scrolling”
Lockscreen Image

Download a Free “Be Here Now”
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Tech-Wise for Young Adults/Youth:

My Tech-Wise Life: Growing Up & Making Choices in a World of Devices
by Amy Crouch

Tech-Wise Parenting:
The Tech-Wise Family
by Andy Crouch
Habits of the Household
by Justin Whitmel Earley
Hold Onto Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers
Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté, M.D.

Risen Motherhood Podcast: What We’re Still Talking About – Technology

Other Resources

Children & Screens

Commonsense Media Parenting Tips
by Common Sense Media

Family Media Plan
by the American Academy of Pediatrics

Instagram Family Center

Media & Children
by the American Academy of Pediatrics

Parenting Children in the Age of Screens
by The Pew Research Center

Screen Sanity: Raising Healthy, Happy Kids in a Digital World

On Talking to Kids About Pornography:
Good Pictures, Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids
by Kristen A. Jenson
Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds
by Kristen A. Jenson

Birds & Bees Podcast: Interview w/ the author of Good Pictures, Bad Pictures 

Other Resources

How to Block Pornography on Your Child’s Devices
by Common Sense Media

Defend Young Minds: Digital Self-Defense

On Talking to Kids About Sex & Their Bodies:
God’s Design for Sex Series
by Stan Jones, Brenna Jones

Birds & Bees Podcast: Kick Fear in the Rear 

Other Resources
Birds & Bees Instagram Account
Birds & Bees Online Course

& Check Back As We Add More