Talking About Race with Our Kids

Hello parents. As we all know, the last week has been a tumultuous week in our nation – circling around the issues of race and injustice. Issues that we cannot and should not ignore, because of how very important they are. They’re important for our nation, for the church, for our church, for our families, for our kids, for you, and for me. Your kids might be wondering what’s going on out there, and you might not be completely confident with how to talk to them about it.

This blog post simply shares some helpful resources for beginning the conversations with your kids about race, diversity, and differences at home.

We know that this isn’t always easy. Or comfortable.

Sometimes we feel so unsure that we’re afraid to do anything. But we must do something. We must start somewhere.



There are many more excellent resources available, but I did not want to provide you with any that I have not been able to read or listen to myself. Check back here as time moves forward as we will be adding additional resources. If you have or find resources that you think would be helpful, please email me.