Baptism, Dedications, & The Lord’s Supper


Baptism is a public celebration and declaration of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, which means it also celebrates the joining of the baptized into the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. If you can confess faith in Christ and join in his mission, then you can be baptized at Park Church!

We generally hold baptisms a few times per year on Sunday mornings. If you are interested, click the button below to begin the process.


At Park Church we practice the dedication of babies and young children, and baptize those who have decided to follow Christ. While the primary focus in dedication is on God’s love for the child, the ceremony is also a dedication of the parents and the entire church community. Through this act, parents are presenting themselves before the Lord and committing to raise their child in a loving Christian home and to teach them about Jesus Christ, both directly and through the example of their lives. Park Church is committed to supporting parents in their responsibility to raise their children in Christ.

Dedications are done 3-4 times per year during the regular worship services.  If you’d like to have your child dedicated on one of these Sundays, simply click the button below and fill out the form, and we will follow up with you.  Contact Lynne Ciliento, with any questions.


At Park Church, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper weekly (elsewhere called Communion, Eucharist, the Lord’s Table). We do this because Jesus himself gave us this meal through generations of his followers, telling us to “do this in remembrance” of him. And so we choose to remember what God has done for the world through Christ’s death in this ordinary bread and wine/juice.  This meal builds up, feeds, and strengthens our faith as it reenergizes us for God’s mission, sending us back into the world to share this good news.

All are welcome to partake in this meal because Christ’s death is for all (even children are welcome to eat and drink!), though not all are expected to. We would love for you to join us!