Share Something with Someone

Sharing Means Caring

At this point, you’re drawing near the end of the Gospel of Luke. Great job.  For those of you who aren’t regular bible readers, you should be proud for making it this far.  I wonder what your thoughts are so far on Luke?  What is God like in Luke?  What does Jesus care about?  Do you see yourself differently because you’ve read it?  What about your neighbor?  What about your neighbor who is out of luck? What did you learn that you didn’t know?  What did you notice that you never noticed before?

Our challenge to you is to talk about it with someone else who is also reading the bible with us.

It is super important to learn to talk about our faith, about our questions, about what we read in scripture, and about what we think God might be saying or doing to us. If you’re not used to talking like this with people, this is a good time to practice with someone who is reading the same things you’re reading. It’s kind of an easy on-ramp.  So why not give it a shot.  Here’s your prompt:

“This week in the Gospel of Luke, I noticed something I never knew before…” and then talk about it.

See how it goes. Give it a shot. Practice makes perfect, or at least good enough.