October 7, 2018

Will I Ever Be __________ Enough?

Will I Ever Be __________ Enough?

Will I ever be _____ enough? Smart enough? Thin enough? Pretty enough? Strong enough?  Will I ever be good enough?  For many of us the answer is an impossible “no” and it drives us to shame. In this message, find out what you can believe and what you can do to build resilience toward shame, and live free because of it.

Resources for learning more about and/or facing shame:

In the message, Matt mentioned the work of Brene Brown a number of times.  Check out her TED talks (on vulnerability | on shame), some fantastic shorter clips of her, and if you’re a reader, Matt recommends Daring Greatly and Rising Strong (but they’re all pretty good!).  Note: she has a tendency to use foul language…so don’t be too surprised by that!

Also recommended is a book called Unashamed by Heather Davis Nelson.  She takes the best of Brene Brown’s research and findings and puts it through a thoroughly Christian/theological filter.

If, as you think/reflect on this message, the topic of shame, etc., you find yourself wanting to speak with someone about it, please reach out to us through our Park Cares ministry.  We are here for you.