How can we help Ukraine?

How can we help Ukraine?

How can we help Ukraine?

As you are aware, war has broken out in Ukraine. Women and children are escaping as refugees, people are injured and dying, the country is the grip of fear and grief, peace has been lost. As Michael said last week via email, we feel helpless – but we want to help anyway.  So the question is, how can we help? Two ways:

through prayer and through generosity.



First, prayer.

In our Community Groups this week, we will spend the majority of the time in prayer for the war in Ukraine.  If you are not part of a Community Group but would like to join us in prayer together, contact Matt Agresti and he will connect you with a Group (hurry though, many Groups meet tonight!). You could also reach out to one of our Group leaders directly.

Second, generosity.

We give because God has given everything to us. We give because we have more than we need. We give because our brothers and sisters across the globe are in need.

We encourage you to give any reputable relief organization, such as World Vision or Convoy of Hope.

Pray and give today.

Thank you,
Park Church Leadership