Checking In & Giving Thanks

Checking In & Giving Thanks

Hey Park Family,

It’s been two months since we last gathered together for worship at 31 Park Road. Many of us have kept in touch via Community Group Zoom calls, regularly tuning in to the Park@Home worship videos, or other means of personal communication. And yet, despite the many ways we have to connect, it’s just not the same – and I miss you.

One question I’m frequently asked is, “How’s Park doing?” It’s a good question, and as I’ve reflected on it, I have found myself filled with gratitude. Therefore, since the invitation from last Sunday’s sermon was to find ways to give thanks to God this week, I’d like to give an update on how Park is doing as a genuine prayer of thanksgiving to God.

Dear God, even in a dark time such as this, the light of your faithfulness and mercy shines bright. Your love and goodness surround us. There is much to be thankful for.

God, I am thankful for my amazing team of capable, adaptable staff.

Thank you for Matt Agresti, whose undying love for your church, steadfast work ethic, and versatile skill set have played a vital role in our ability to adjust to this new normal.

Thank you for Rebecca Delucia, whose passion for developing the heart of our kids will not let a pandemic keep her from finding creative ways to connect with our young ones and serve their parents.

Thank you for Brian Croak, whose attentiveness to the needs of others has led him to make sure no one is left behind – even when that means taking on more responsibility.

Thank you for Rebecca Fitzgerald, the newest member of our team, whose administrative and organizational skills have provided stability during such disorienting times.

Thank you for Anthony Santiago, whose commitment to our high school students has kept him and HSG’s amazing volunteers exploring new and thoughtful ways to stay connected.

Thank you for Jenny Streich, who, alongside MSG’s devoted volunteers, has continued faithfully serving our middle school students to ensure they stay connected during this time of separation.

God, I am thankful for our team of committed and faithful elders, whose willingness to meet via Zoom every week for the past two months for prayer and high-level planning has been a gift to me.

Thank you for Dave Yurkanin, and for his leadership and willingness to use his unique gifts as we engage in long-term planning.

Thank you for Sandi Andrews, whose prayerful, shepherd’s heart is a constant and beautiful reminder of yours.

Thank you for Derek Mills, whose deep knowledge in organizational leadership and meticulous attention to detail has been a greater gift than he knows.

Thank you for Dean Lin, whose humble spirit and vast experience in the medical world has provided our elder team with needed insight during this unique time.

Thank you for Josh Bova, whose commitment to the Scriptures and heart for ministry continually points us to what matters most.

Thank you for Bill Saccone, who has consistently and selflessly gone above and beyond to encourage and support me and my family.

God, thank you for meeting the financial needs of Park Church during uncertain economic times. Through the faithful generosity of your people, you have continued to fund your mission here at Park. I ask for and trust in your continued provision.

God, thank you for the countless unseen ways your Spirit is at work in and through the Park family to bring hope and healing. You are using our Community Group Leaders, Park Serves Team, Connections Team, and many others for your redemptive purposes. Indeed, you are good and your love endures forever.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

-Michael Carlson, Lead Pastor.