Beach House

Beach House

Join us on Saturday, June 8th at Ocean Grove Beach for a collaborative youth & young adult Beach Day! We’ll be gathering with friends from other churches and ministries from New Jersey to play games, soak in some sun, celebrate baptisms, and experience a time of praise and worship on the pavilion. Please see the itinerary below.

Make sure to bring:

  1. Towel

  2. Sunscreen

  3. Food or snacks

  4. Beach games (Volleyball, spike ball, can jam, football, etc)

  5. Friends! Invite everyone who loves the beach.

4:30 pm – Baptisms
5 pm – Beach Games
7 pm – Outdoor Worship
8 pm – Ice Cream After Party

If you’re interested in getting baptized or want to sign up please visit here. You can also reach out to Nick at with any questions.