If you found this page because you were looking for Monmouth Church of Christ…

Hello!  We’re glad you’ve found us here at Park Church. Over the course of 2019-20, the elders and congregation of Monmouth Church of Christ decided that at that stage in their life together as a church, the most faithful thing they could do was to ‘lay down their life’ as a church, in order to support the mission of God towards Monmouth County with Park Church. We, at Park Church, are thrilled and most thankful to welcome in new brothers and sisters to our family – and are thankful as well for the gift of the former Monmouth Church of Christ property at 312 Hance Ave.

There is a wonderfully God-honoring, Gospel-showing story to tell here – which we hope to soon in greater detail.

But for now, we are glad that you’ve found us – and we’d love to have you join us too.