Go, and make disciples!

Show Jesus to the World

Serve him here. Serve him there.

You’re connecting to Jesus on Sundays. You’re growing in a Community Group.

So What’s Next?

So what’s next? Serve Jesus and make disciples as you go. That’s what it’s all about. That’s the goal of Christian faith. That’s what the Church is for.  So that’s what we hope is next for you. Serving Jesus can look like a lot of different things: building houses for people who are in need, greeting visitors as they enter our doors, sharing a neighbor’s pain, teaching our children on Sundays, working for local and international justice, and so on.  Endless possibilities.

And as you go and serve him in the world, Jesus calls us to be disciples who are continually making disciples – sharing Jesus with those who don’t know him, speaking the hope of Christ into a hopeless world around us, delivering the best news the world could ever hear – bearing witness to Jesus in all you do and say.  It’s a big step. A step you’ll take again and again.  And it’s your next step. So start today: serve him there, serve him here, and show him to the world.

Park Church’s Mercy Ministry is the ‘arm’ of Park that is always out serving Jesus in the community while spurring us all on to love and good deeds.  Currently, Mercy Ministry is focusing on three distinct areas of service: local, regional, and international.  The local focus is with a program called “Care Giving Friends,” which serves elderly people in our area who need help with their everyday tasks. The regional initiative is working to construct and/or fix homes in our area through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity.  The international focus is serving refugees through a series of projects under the “Love in Action” banner.  Find out more and volunteer to serve Jesus in the world like this!

One of the best ways to get connected and to grow in faith is to serve in Park Church: on Sundays, during the week, whenever!  And when you serve within the church, you help Park accomplish our mission to reach people outside of the church.  That’s the way it works, so serve here too!

  • Serve on Sundays

    So many opportunities: be a greeter, set up and serve refreshments, work the A/V booth, direct new visitors, etc.  We want Sundays to be inviting and inspiring gatherings where people connect to Jesus – maybe for the first time – and you can help make that happen.

  • Serve During the Week

    Can you fix a toilet? How are you at planning events? What about decorating? Want to do data entry? Want to fill a need that you think needs filling? We’d love for you to serve like this, so please consider using your gifts here!

  • Serve in a Particular Ministry

    Because we believe the body only works when all members play their part, we are always on the lookout for more leaders: Community Group, Student Ministries, Park Kids, Admin Team, and so on. Serve through leading.  Lead through serving.

The good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ says that God has reconciled the world to Himself in Christ, and God desires that this good news of Jesus be shared with all of the world. This is what (and who) we are called to be witnesses of in all that we do.

It is our belief then at Park Church that we are all called to active ministry in this purpose and mission of God in the world. In this calling (which we are all called for), God gives our lives great dignity by deciding to include us as co-workers in His work. Park Church exists to help people discern this calling and to equip them for this work, in service to and glory of God.

We believe that as you become connected to Jesus and to the community in regular Sunday worship, growing in faith together in Community Groups, and serving with one another – you will become equipped to be Christ’s witness in the world. So get connected!  Come on Sunday morning, join a Community Group, and serve together!

So how is Jesus calling you to be his witness? You may be called to be a witness for Christ with the people who work at the cubicle next to you. Maybe you are called to be an ambassador God’s love to your two children in the manner that you raise them. Or maybe you are called to shed the light of Christ’s life into the lives of your neighbors, the children you teach, the patients you assist, the employees you manage, or the guy who makes sandwiches next to you.

Park Church wants to be able to build you up and equip you for this, in whatever way we can. So let us know how the Park Church community may help. Requst a meeting with a pastor to talk it through.