Reading the Bible, from our Rooted friends!

Reading the Bible, from our Rooted friends!

If you’re doing Rooted with us, you’ve already read about how it suggests to read the Bible – and it’s pretty helpful. Read it on pages 50-51, but here’s the highlights:

  • Get a good, modern, accessible translation. (Park uses NRSV, but it’s one good one among many. ESV, NIV, NLT are all good too.)
  • Study bibles are super helpful. Get one.
  • Get a reading plan (✓).

From page 51:

“…don’t just read. Read to understand. Have you ever been reading, and when you got to the end of the chapter you realized your mind was on cruise control and you didn’t really catch any of it? One way to read more actively is with a journal or an empty note pad. Write the chapter or passage you’re reading at the top of the page (i.e., John 8 or Philippians 4:1-10) and then write these three questions across the top of the page:

What does it say? (Paraphrase it using your own words.)
What does it mean? (How does this impact you today?)
What am I going to do? (What specific application will you make today?)

You certainly don’t have to write volumes under each question, but you might be surprised at how much you get out of your Bible reading by doing this simple exercise.”

Even if you don’t journal/write these out – they’re just great questions to ask as you’re reading. So get reading.