Peace in the Midst of Chaos: Sunday March 15 Video Worship Experience

Good morning, and welcome!

We invite you to participate with us in our video worship experience this morning. Click on the video above to watch. You can easily cast this video to your TV with a Chromecast, Apple TV, etc., or if you have a smart TV, simply search for “Park Church NJ” in the YouTube app.

As is true of any time, if you are in need of help in any way – please reach out to us. We are here to help, provide support, and share in the abundant life and love of God with you.


The Parent Cue app is one of the most value resources that we can offer to you, not just during this crisis, but always. The app has the weekly Bible story videos, weekly prompts of questions to ask or activities to do with your kids, quick access to the Parent Cue blog which is chalk full of goodies, and even more. It is almost your one stop shop for all things Orange (our kids curriculum).

If you want to create a fuller Park Kids experience at home, in one short video, Orange has put together the monthly song, Bible story video each week, and a slide with the main point and Bible verse for you to experience together at home. This website will be updated weekly with those videos, so make sure to check them out today! With the potential of schools closing, what a gift to worship with our kids and lead them in discussions about what they (you!) learned.

Speaking of discussions at home…Godtimes are sheets that are always meant to be done at home! If you haven’t started using them yet maybe now is a good time to start the habit. These weekly take home sheets function as devotionals for students K-8 – they are continuously available on the Park Kids section of our site.

If you are a parent of a Middle Schooler we want you to know: we are aware that they were in the middle of None of your Business, a series that we think is important to continue with their peers and in small groups, but since we don’t want them to miss out on a lesson from home we will jump ahead to the next series (Undefeated) which is designed to help them remember and celebrate Easter. Here’s all the materials for that new series!

Should we have to remain distant for more Sundays than March 15th, we will look through the lesson plans and provide one or two activities for you to do at home (emailed by grade level during the week). We encourage you to get creative and make it your own!

We know that this virus is not just affecting Sundays, but also life throughout the week. We are so grateful that the people at Orange and Parent Cue have put together two extremely helpful resources:

If there is anything you or your child need please reach out: