One Way to Love Your Neighbors Today!!!

One Way to Love Your Neighbors Today!!!

A lot has happened over the last two weeks. Daily life for most people has changed dramatically, and this new reality naturally raises many questions.

How long is this going to last? Am I going to lose my job? How do I teach my kids from home while working a full-time?

These are good questions. And there are many more that could be added.

One question that keeps coming to my mind again and again is, “How can we love our neighbors during this time?” Undoubtedly this is a question Jesus is asking of us (he was big fan of that sort of thing). In fact, I’m convinced that our situation presents a unique opportunity to display the love and hope of Jesus to our neighbors.

Let me be clear. Practicing social distancing and observing the precautionary measures laid out by governing authorities is a great way to love our neighbors and surrounding community. We should all be loving our neighbors in this way.

But is that it? Some of our neighbors are anxious. Some are lonely. Some are struggling to make ends meet. So besides best social practices in light of COVID-19, how can we love our neighbors during this time?

I asked this question to my mentor a week ago and he shared with me something he and his family did. They wrote a simple letter and hand-delivered it to their neighbors’ mailboxes. The letter said something like this:

Hi Neighbors,

It’s ___[*Names] at ______[*Address] .

We are all aware that there is a lot of uncertainty right now due to the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus. As has been directed by national, state, and local officials, I know many of us will be staying home for a while.

We just wanted you to have a way to contact us in case you need help.
• If you run out of supplies
• If you need someone to pick up groceries and drop them off at your door
• If you are lonely and need someone to talk to
• If you are anxious and want someone to pray for you
… we are happy to help.

Feel free to call, text, or email. We’re glad you are our neighbors!

__[*phone number]__
__[*email address]___

*Only include personal information that you feel comfortable sharing.

I loved this idea. So one day I grabbed my kids and did it too.

Here are some of the responses we’ve received since then:

So sweet of you to put this in our mailbox! Please keep my number and let me know if you need anything as well.
Love the letter. Glad to know you my good man.
Thank you so much for your note in our mailbox today! That was so incredibly kind of you and very much appreciated.
My wife and I would SO like to thank you for the lovely note you put in our mailbox! Thanks again, your note made such a positive start to our day!!!

I also received a couple calls from neighbors just to thank me.

One elderly woman left a message in tears.

This is just one idea that, though it may not be feasible for everyone, is easy to do. But whether you write a letter, let’s asking each other the question How can we love our neighbors during this time? And if you have other ideas, share them with me. I’d love to hear.