HABcore Moving Day Drive

HABcore Moving Day Drive

On Sunday June 27, you may have heard from Marta Joy Quinn, Senior Director at HabCore, about the wonderful work they are doing in and around Monmouth County by providing long-term housing to residents in need.

We believe that providing housing – and thus stability, dignity, and hope – is close to the very heart of God.

As part of our mission, we are asking the Park community to take part in a month-long “HABcore Moving Day Drive” that will help fulfill the organizational wish list for new residents.  Many of the HABcore families arrive at their new housing with only the clothes on their back, and the wish list helps ensure that every resident has their practical needs met from day one.

So please look over the wish list here (or below), and then purchase some items towards the HABcore Moving Day Drive. Feel free to be generous and creative with some of your donations and items! We ask that all items be delivered to the bins at 31 Park by Sunday August 1st. 

All items MUST BE NEW 


  • Bedding of all sizes, pillows, blankets, lamps, etc.


  • Small appliances, cookware, utensils, tableware, dish towels and pot holders
  • Trash bags, dish soap, sponges, etc.


  • Bath towels, shower curtains, mats, and hand towels, first aid kits


  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine products


  • Trash cans (small and large)
  • Paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, etc.
  • Laundry baskets, hampers, & detergent
  • Small tool kits, picture hooks, etc.
  • Basic household cleaners (detergents, sponges, disinfectant wipes
  • Batteries, flashlights
  • Lamps (table and floor)


  • Clothing, food

If you have any questions about the drive, feel free to contact Park Serves Team Lead, Jane Barnes.

Thank you for your willingness to support this wonderful work!