If it’s your first time with us please visit the check-in desk located in the Park Kids common area to register your child(ren) and to pick up a welcome goodie bag. From there our Park Kids Host will direct you to the right classroom and answer any questions you have.


At both the 9:00 and the 10:45 services, we have a nursery set up for kids who are between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. You can drop your child off at the nursery whenever you want, but the best time is before the service begins. If there are any special needs, please tell the nursery staff anything that they might need to know. There are hooks and labels for diaper bags. Because of allergies, please no food or dairy in the nursery. The caregivers are happy to change diapers. There is also a changing table available if you need to change your own baby’s diapers either in the nursery or both women’s and men’s bathrooms down the hall. For nursing mothers, you are welcome to stay in the nursery or nurse anywhere in the building you feel comfortable. The sermon is piped into the lobbies and cafe area as well.

2 Years Old and Up:
There are 6 separate classes that run for ages 2 years through 8th grade at the 9:00 service and 3 separate classes that run for ages 2 years through high school at the 10:45 service.

9:00 Service:
– Beginners: ages 2 and 3
– Pre-school: ages 4 and 5
– Lower Elementary: K-1st Grades
– Middle Elementary: 2nd-3rd Grades
–The Annex: 4th and 5th Grades (in conference room)
– Middle School: 6th-8th Grades (only at 9:00 service)

10:45 Service:
–Beginners: ages 2 and 3
– Pre-K/K: ages 4-Kindergarten
–Combined Elementary: 1-5th grades


All children and students get checked into their classrooms before they enter. For children 6 months – 3 years they get two check-in labels (one for their back and one for the attendance board). All other children get one label for attendance. Along with name labels, each family will receive a pick-up slip which the parent will need to pick-up at the end of the service.
Please note: Children Elementary and up will be brought back to the auditorium after the sermon to sit with their parents for communion. Children Preschool and under should be picked up immediately after communion. Don’t forget your pick-up slip!

All of our lead teachers, hosts, and caregivers are background checked and fingerprinted. All of our volunteers have completed a child protection policy.

Every classroom as at least 2 adults present at all times and in our nursery we maintain a 3:1 ratio.

Bathroom Policy:
Only paid caregivers and those who have been fingerprinted may take your child to the bathroom or change their diaper. If you prefer to do so yourself please just let us know!

Fire and/or emergency procedure:
In case of emergency, the priority is getting the children out of the building safely. All of our caregivers and volunteers are trained to bring your children out of the nearest exit and bring them to a designated area. Once you exit the building, go to the area and pick up your child. Do not go to the Park Kids or Nursery areas to pick up your children.


Park Kids welcomes all children. Our hope is to work with each child and family so that parents are able to happily sit in the service, trusting that their children are in good hands. Children with special needs are integrated into the classroom with their peers to the best of our ability. We would love to partner with families to make sure each child hears the love of Jesus.

Park Kids is an allergy friendly environment. We do not allow food in our classrooms up until 4th grade. If you have an older child with allergies please let us know and our teachers will make sure that it is a safe environment for them. Please note: after the service, we serve bagels, snacks, and beverages which are not necessarily allergy friendly (though we always have an allergy friendly option).

As with everything Park Kids, if you or your child has any special need that we should be aware of, speak with the Park Kids host on Sunday or contact our Park Kids Coordinator.


Park Kids is primarily run by parents and could not do it without you! We have continuing registration for volunteers throughout the year, and will meet with you to help you use your gifts to serve within Park Kids – whether that’s teaching, assisting, hosting, caring for babies, checking in families, or behind the scenes help.