Firm Foundation: Congregational Meeting

Hey Park Family,

A big thanks to everyone who was able to make the Firm Foundation Congregational Meeting Sunday evening, whether that was in person or virtually! For all of you who zoomed in and did not get to ask questions afterward, please feel free to email Michael directly or the elder team. Thank you for your patience!

Foundations matter.  And at Park Church, our foundation is Jesus.

With this in mind, on Sunday evening we took some time to reflect on this past year and then discuss four foundational areas of focus for this coming year. Here’s a brief recap as well as a link to a recording of the event for anyone who missed it.

As we reflect on this previous year, which was full of unexpected things, there are so many things to thank God for. A few include:

  • The ways God has enabled our church to adapt to covid disruption
  • The countess ways we have sought to be good news neighbors
  • The inclusion of several families of MCC into Park Church
  • The opportunity to take Pastor Reagon on staff at Park Church for an interim period of time to help with the MCC transition


Four Foundational Areas of Focus for this year.

Discerning the Future
There are few things more foundational for a church than how it understands and participates in God’s mission in his world. How is God calling us to uniquely bear witness to Jesus in Monmouth County? Park leadership has been hard at work prayerfully discerning our vision and mission for the future, and is excited to complete this process this year. By the end of this process, Park Church will have a renewed vision and mission.

Pursuing Community
With the disruption brought about by covid, pursuing life together will be of foundational importance this year. Which is why we will continue to provide high quality Park@Home Video Worship Experiences, encourage and equip our Community Groups to seek creative ways to stay connected, and seek other ways to connect throughout the winter (like an outdoor, Christmas event!). We remain grateful for your continued generosity and are also excited to explore a possible new partnership with Inspire India, a great organization doing important work among the poorest of the poor in and around New Delhi.

Investing in Family
Kids matter to Jesus. So they do to us too! In many ways, Park’s story has been one long, faithful journey of tending to the discipleship of children and youth. Which is why we are excited to take the next step in this journey by searching for a full-time Family Pastor. Equipping our families to nurture the faith of our children and youth is undoubtedly one of the most important investments we can make as a church.

Reimagining 312 Hance
Church is not a place or a program, it’s a people with a purpose. However, where we gather for worship is so important because it will inevitably shape our mission and vision. As we continue to embrace those from MCC who now call Park “home,” we are so excited to explore how the gift of 312 Hance might be used for the sake of God’s Kingdom here in Monmouth County.

With so many important things in store for this year, please join us in prayer!

Here are two ways to join:

  • Prayer-walk! Every Thursday at 9:00AM, Michael and Reagon will lead a time of prayer-walking at 312 Hance and in the surrounding community. More information regarding prayer-walking will be sent out this week. Please join us!
  • Pray for 312 at 312. Set an alarm on your phone to go off ever Thursday at 3:12PM to pray for Park Church, the surrounding neighborhood, and that God’s Kingdom would come in Monmouth County as it is in heaven.

If you want information about connecting in a Community Group, please send an email to

Foundations matter. Let’s seek to faithfully follow Jesus together as we lay a strong foundation in this coming year.

Grace and Peace,