Love in Action: Afghan Refugees

Love in Action: Afghan Refugees

Over the last week, many of you have reached out to us about how we might help and serve the refugees that are coming from Afghanistan to New Jersey.  It weighs heavy on all of our hearts, and we are so thankful for your compassion and willingness to put God’s love into action.

We are excited to announce that have two ways you can help today:

1. Donate to our Refugee Aid fund.

Eugene Brusov, one of our Park Church members and Community Group leaders, is in the reserves working at Fort Dix with the refugees. He has said that the greatest need is for funds to purchase supplies for unique needs as they arise (a 12” wheelchair wheel, a charger for an older Nokia phone, and so on). Consider donating to this Refugee Aid fund, and your donations will directly result in filling these needs as they arise at Fort Dix.  Any additional/unused funds will be donated to a reputable refugee aid organization.

*To donate, click the link below, select “Give One Time”, and then select “Refugee Aid” as the Fund.

2. Purchase supplies and drop them off at 31 Park.

Eugene has produced a rolling list of needs in this Google doc. We invite you to look at the list of needs, note on the document the number of each item you’ll donate, and then deliver them to 31 Park. You can bring them on Sunday, or any day during the week (10AM-3PM). If no one is in the office, you can drop the donations in the bins underneath the overhang by the front door (facing Park Road where the big Park Church logo is).

9/9/2021 UPDATE:

1. They are in desperate need of closed toe shoes (for all people, all sizes), balls or outdoor playing toys and strollers.

2. They are no longer requiring new items, there are people coming in by the thousands now – so gently used items are now welcome.


We invite you to either – or both – of these opportunities to put God’s love into action. Thank you for your generosity and willingness.