Let’s Start a Conversation

This July, we started a conversation at Park Church surrounding race, justice, and the Gospel of Jesus. It featured voices from outside Park, as well as some from within. It truly was a great beginning to this important conversation; one that we will find ways to continue moving forward as a church.

If you missed the past sessions, and/or just want to rewatch:

Alongside the “Let’s Start a Conversation” Zoom series, we had a related Sunday series called “Cross the Divide: Following Jesus in a Divided World”. If you missed any of those sermons, please check them out below!

True Humility

True Humility

July 12, 2020

What does true humility look like?  It's the kind of humility that we need to cross the divide and be part of God's mending of this broken world. It's the kind of humility that Jesus shows us.